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More than a century of experience in selecting potato varieties/seed potatoes and grains, the fertile clay soil in our polders in the top of North Holland, strict control, plus a mild maritime climate, has resulted in a first-class end product: healthy seed potatoes and grains.

The cooperation with Semagri Holland has created an even more powerful company with its own varieties with which we operate in the table, chips, potato chips and starch/flakes industries.

It goes without saying that from that moment on, the cultivation of seed potatoes for ZAP is not only entrusted to the soil of North Holland, but has become a cultivation throughout the Netherlands. We export the proceeds from this all over the world, with an emphasis on North Africa, the Middle East and (Eastern) Europe.

Our portfolio

  • Large and consistently sized tubers
  • Very strong plant type, therefore holds up well to wind and drought
  • Produces big tubers early, matures late

  • Tubers grow large quickly with excellent cooking quality
  • Good results in different climates
  • Ideally suited for growing in a greenhouse or underneath plastic

  • Excellent quality with a good dry matter content
  • Beautiful uniform deep-red tubers, high yield
  • Very strong in many variety properties

  • Ideal for fries and table potatoes
  • Very nice yellow flesh colour
  • Excellent for long-term storage without loss of product quality

  • Effective for growing in warm countries
  • A dry matter content of ± 20% makes it suitable for home-made fries
  • Tubers are regular in shape and size

  • Delivers a good and good looking marketable product
  • Very high and reliable yields
  • Not susceptible to blue discoloration, damage and internal defects

  • Medium late table potato with excellent storage quality
  • Very smooth skin with beautiful yellow flesh and shallow eyes
  • Uniform size, very strong resistance to common scab

  • Medium early potato with high yield
  • Bright yellow skin, very good lightyellow flesh
  • Mild taste with a fine-grained texture

  • For table and French fries
  • A perfect dry matter content early in growing season
  • Good resistance to spraing

  • Red skin, round oval shape, fairly firm cooking consumption potato
  • Particularly suitable for washing and packaging
  • Good for long term storage, ideal for crisp processing

Robert Verbruggen

Want to know more about ZAP's potato varieties?

Through our careful selection of the right seed potato varieties, we are able to provide you with healthy seed potatoes that perform excellently in different conditions. We will gladly work with you to find the right potato that suits your operations!

Would you like to know more about our potato varieties or do you have a question about ZAP? Please feel free to contact us.


Robert Verbruggen

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