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Diversed variety portfolio

Our portfolio contains the perfect variety for each market segment

Global market

Because of our good relationships with our partners worldwide, we can always guarantee sales for our member growers.

Royal Zap Middel East Distribution

Dutch Farmers growing for customers world wide

Potatoes connect us. As a Cooperative, we are strong by responding to the market demand and needs of our national and international growers.

Royal ZAP Logistics

Quality from harvest to delivery

For us, quality is not only about delivering high-quality seed potatoes but also for our soil, harvesting, processing and logistics of our potatoes.

Royal Zap Annalisa Home

Responding to market demand with strong varieties

ZAP is strong in growing first-class potatoes thanks to its base on fertile soil and mild maritime climate. In addition, our focus is on developing and growing our own quality varieties.


Provide the members and growers with high-quality seed and seed potatoes, in which we ensure an optimal buying and selling organization.


Continuing our proven quality with healthy seed potatoes, by offering members and growers support before, during and after cultivation with commitment and responsibility.

Our Seed Potatoes

The outstanding varieties of ZAP are cultivated with quality and sustainability in mind. With the focus on farmers worldwide for any market under any circumstances. Withstanding specific climatological challenges we have a divirsity in varieties for everyone. We offer potato varieties for various purposes such as consumption, french fries and chips. For a comprehensive overview, we refer you to our variety page.

ZAP varieties
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About ZAP B.V.

With an existance of more then 100 years there are a few tales to tell, but foremost and most important is our knowledge of the growth and cultivation in seed and seedlings. Starting as a little cooperative in a northern Dutch polder with seeds and seed potatoes we became one of the Dutch suppliers with our own varieties in seed potatoes on the worldwide market. Want to get to know us and see the team behind ZAP, visit the about us page.

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