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Medium late, red-skinned fresh potato 

  • Excellent quality with a good dry matter content
  • Beautiful uniform deep-red tubers, high yield
  • Very strong in many variety properties
Dunastar Aardappel

Maturity:                     Medium late
Plant:                          Initial maturity somewhat slow, strong foliage
Tuber – Shape:           Long oval
Tuber – Skin colour:   (deep) Red
Tuber – Flesh colour:  Light yellow
Number of tubers:       13-16
Yield:                           Very high

Quality:                        B
Dry matter content:    21 %
Blight – Foliage:          7 - Moderately resistant
Blight – Tuber:            7 - Moderately resistant
Common scab:            8 - Highly resistant
Virus Y:                       8 - Highly resistant
Drought:                     7 - Moderately resistant
Nematode - Ro 1-4:    Resistant

Robert Verbruggen

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